Successful preservation of undergound hibernaculum

News Date: 1st October, 2017

Middleton Quarries in Midlothian include extensive underground mine-workings, used by three species of hibernating bats. Undergound hibernacula are critically important for bat survival, yet are increasingly suffering disturbance and destruction. An neforcement notice required the owners, NWH Group to infill the quarry on safety grounds, but this would have led to loss of access to the mne-workings. We worked with them to identify an innovative solution. After obtaining an SNH derogation license we created a permanent access route to the mineworkings. Four years on, the mineworkimgs are as well-used by over-wintering bats as ever. 

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Middleton mineMiddleton mineHibernating Natterer's BatHibernating Brown Long-eared Bat